Psychotherapy Services

A child who does not play is not a child, but the man who doesn’t play has lost forever the child who lived in him and who he will miss terribly.”  

– Pablo Neruda


Karen offers services for individuals using a combination of humanistic, experiential and cognitive methods, with a focus on the here and now. Karen believes that healing comes from within, that each person has a self that is innate and contains the elements needed for a full and rewarding life, no matter what challenges or traumas they may have had in their life.  Karen’s approach lies in helping all the parts-verbal and non-verbal-of a person work together and includes play and sandtray therapies as well as conversation. Relationship is key and the therapeutic alliance is both respectful and mutual.

I believe that when all is well, people develop in the direction of health, which includes growth and change. Help is called for when a person of any age is stuck. The signs for adults, couples and families may be repetitive patterns of negative situations. For children or adolescents, it may be behavior problems (acting out or acting in-withdrawal, depression, anxiety) or the inability to grow emotionally, intellectually or socially according to what is expected for their age. Psychotherapy is one piece of the healing journey, which also includes the physical, spiritual and social aspects of life. Imagination, creativity, humor and play are integral parts of my work  with you.”

Adult Psychotherapy

As I grow into senior years, I have decided to limit my psychotherapy practice to adults. At this time I am accepting new clients on a limited basis or for consultations.  The consultation may include creating sandtrays.  The sandtray process creates a place where expression of needs and wants is not dependent upon words. Using a container of sand and a world composed of miniatures, the creator builds a three dimensional picture, which comes from different dimensions of consciousness.

For Pre-Licensed Therapists

I continue to provide supervision for pre-licensed therapists and consultation services for those who have been in practice.  Additionally I provide trainings for therapists in play therapy and sandtray therapy.  When possible, I am glad to make referrals for families and children.

Enhance your play therapy skills!

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Karen Pernet LCSW, RPT-S

Oakland, CA 94602

I would be glad to hear from you and to share information about my services: psychotherapy, general supervision for pre-licensed therapist, specialized supervision for therapists working becoming  Registered Play Therapists, consultations for experienced therapists and trainings in play therapy and sandtray therapy.