Supervision & Consultation

Karen has been working with Pre-Licensed and Licensed Therapists since 1995.

Supervision & Consultation

Karen is passionate about supervision and consultation and has been offering this service to pre-licensed and licensed therapists since 1995.  In her professional life, she has had amazing supervisors who, even after 30 years of practice, continue to whisper their wisdom into her ears; she  has also had supervisors  whom she would never wish on anyone. For example, when she was in graduate school her placement supervisor told Karen that her agenda was to destroy her sense of competence and then rebuild it.   

Karen’s approach to supervision and consultation starts with relationship, as do all therapeutic experiences. Creating a safe atmosphere is at the core of her philosophy, so that challenges as well as successes can be shared and supported.

A major goal is to help the clinician find their individual voice, including a theoretical perspective that is a good fit. It is exciting to work with new therapists in the early part of their journey as well as with seasoned therapists who are interested in developing skills using such modalities as humanistic therapies, including Gestalt  Therapy, trauma therapy, play therapy and sandtray with people of all ages.      

Karen as Supervisor & Consultant

Karen encourages supervisees to pay attention to the larger social structures including culture/ethnicity/race/class of their clients in addition to the individual and family dynamics.

Supervisory modalities include case presentations, role plays and experiential methods. One example of her practice is the use of sandtray to explore the sensitive area of counter transference. Sandtray, which invites the creative, intuitive right hemisphere into the conversation, expands the understanding of the dynamics and increases the space to re-examine the course of therapy.

Supervision and consultation are provided in person either individually and in small groups. Additionally arrangements can be made for on-line supervision, either individually or in small groups through a video platform such as Zoom.

Karen is approved by the California Board of Behavioral Science as a supervisor for associates (pre-licensed MSWs, professional clinical counselors, marriage and family therapists) in California. Additionally as a Registered Play Therapist Supervisor, she meet the supervisory requirement for becoming a Registered Play Therapist.

Comments from Supervisees

LB MFT…I am so grateful for your guidance over the past 4 years. You have been one of the most solid grounding points for me on this wild MFT journey…you have been a true mentor for me…your safety has meant so much to me…

CW … You have greatly impacted my work as a clinical trainee … I am especially grateful for how you have encouraged me to be curious and to wonder about my client’s lives and experiences. 

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Karen Pernet LCSW, RPT-S

Oakland, CA 94602

I would be glad to hear from you and to share information about my services: psychotherapy, general supervision for pre-licensed therapist, specialized supervision for therapists working becoming  Registered Play Therapists, consultations for experienced therapists and trainings in play therapy and sandtray therapy.